Welcome to Rockabye Rockies!

My name is Gaby Wentworth and I am the Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist behind Rockabye Rockies. I am also a mom of two young children, a wife, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I wish I could say that I’m also a marathon runner.  Maybe next year?

I decided to open Rockabye Rockies because of my own experience as a parent. Perhaps like you, neither of my children magically slept through the night at 3 months old.  In fact, my first child didn’t sleep through the night until we hired a sleep consultant when she was 2 years old!  Luckily we knew better the second time around and thanks to that same sleep consultant, our son has been sleeping through the night since he was 4 months.

The experience with the sleep consultant improved our marriage and family life so much, I decided that I had to gain the knowledge and skills to able to provide other families with the same education, support and guidance that she had given us. In order to do so, I completed my certification with The Family Sleep Institute (250+ hours of studies), opened Rockabye Rockies, and have been helping families sleep well ever since.

I love sleep, I am fascinated by sleep and  I am passionate about getting as many families as possible the sleep that they so desperately need and deserve. If you need help getting your child or baby to sleep, please do reach out! I’d be delighted to educate, guide and support you on your journey to establishing healthy sleep habits for a lifetime of great sleep.

Get My Family Some Sleep!
Educational Background

Bachelors of Arts: University of Notre Dame
Masters in Social Work: University of Denver
Sleep Consultant Certification: The Family Sleep Institute

“It used to take our two-year-old son 45+ minutes of rocking/patting to fall asleep and he often woke twice each night! After following Gaby’s sleep plan, he now goes to sleep quickly and independently and can sleep through the night and put himself back to sleep. The process was far easier than anticipated and there weren’t many tears at all. Thank you, Gaby!” – Ullman Family, Virginia