Back to School Sleep


Kids are headed back to the classroom after an exciting summer of camps, adventures and lots of sunlight.  With the return to school I like to remind parents of a few tips that will get everyone sleeping well at night and ready to have productive days of academic, social and emotional learning.  Here are those tips in no particular order:

  1. Early to bed! Any client who has ever worked with me knows that I am slightly obsessed with early bedtimes.  Depending on the child’s age, nap schedule and activity level during the day, bedtimes can vary.  Keep an eye out for signs that your child is slowing down and get them to bed ASAP.
  2. Bedtime routine! Reinstate or implement a consistent, calming, predictable bedtime routine.
  3. Limit the screen time! My rule for this is to stop all screen time before dinner. Doing so allows for plenty of time between the stimulation and blue light of screens and falling asleep.
  4. Establish a sleep schedule and stick to it! Having a consistent wake-up, nap time and bedtime (which fluctuates a bit depending on nap quality and/or activity level) helps keep sleep in tip top shape.
  5. Diet! Do not let kids have caffeine, big meals or sugar late in the evening.

Welcome back to the school schedule and as always, please do reach out if you need any sleep support!!