Bedtime and Nap Time Routines

One of the 5 components of healthy sleep that I speak to all of my clients about is, “Having A Consistent and Soothing Bedtime and Nap Time Routine”. The importance of this routine cannot be emphasized enough by myself or the 50 sleep books that you can purchase on Amazon. In my opinion, the reasons that the bedtime and nap … Read More

Adult Sleep Hygiene

Follow these simple tips to get the best rest                              possible   Keep a consistent schedule. Wake-up at the same time daily and go to bed at the same time each night. Get exposure to natural light when you wake, as well as later in the day. … Read More

Back to School Sleep

Kids are headed back to the classroom after an exciting summer of camps, adventures and lots of sunlight.  With the return to school I like to remind parents of a few tips that will get everyone sleeping well at night and ready to have productive days of academic, social and emotional learning.  Here are those tips in no particular order: … Read More

How to Successfully Navigate a Time Change with Children

Before I had children I LOVED the “fall back” time change. An extra hour of sleep was always welcomed!! Now, with kids, I dread it. Time changes can be incredibly painful for some families, while others take it in stride. Those who take in it stride typically have well-rested kiddos, or extremely flexible sleepers. The least painful way to get … Read More

Nightmares and Night Fears

I’ve recently had a few friends and clients reach out to me about nightmares and night fears. It’s October, the month of Halloween, and there isn’t a better time to address these two topics than now! In addition to nightmares being tied to anxiety and stress, I’ve heard of people having nightmares when they have a physical ailment or physical … Read More

9 Tips To Help Your Kiddos Get Great Sleep!

There are a few simple things that parents can do to ensure that their child is getting the best sleep possible. Below are my current favorite tips! 1. Have an established and consistent bedtime routine: Providing your child with the joy of having a calming bedtime routine is the best gift that you can give them at the end of … Read More

How Much Sleep Should My Child Be Getting?

Have you ever wondered if your child is getting the appropriate amount of sleep for their age? I have! In 2016, the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) endorsed the recommendations made by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). You can find those recommendations below. By reviewing them you can get a good idea of whether or not your child … Read More

Transitioning from 2 Naps to 1

The 2-1 nap transition can be easy breezy or painfully challenging. It can happen as early as 12 months (that is very rare), or as late as 18/19 months. A child will typically be ready for the switch to just one nap between 15-18 months. There are 2 ways that a child’s morning nap can disappear. The first way is … Read More