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Are you exhausted because your child wakes you up multiple times at night?  Are you concerned that your baby’s naps are too short? Are you at a loss when it comes to your 2- or 3-year old’s bedtime battles?  Have you read every sleep book or watched sleep videos and still feel confused? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Our job as a Pediatric Sleep Consultants and Coaches is to educate, guide and support families while they work to establish (or re-establish) healthy sleep habits for their children.

Though we are based in Denver and the Boulder Valley, we are able to provide our services to families across the country via phone consultations, support texts, sleep log reviews and follow-up emails.

When a family hires us to do a consultation and support our work together begins with an extensive intake form. The intake paperwork provides us with an overview of your child’s sleep environment, sleep habits, schedule, and other factors that play a role in how they are sleeping.

Once the intake paperwork is received we will review it and then have a  consultation during which we will discuss your sleep goals and how they will be achieved.  During consultations we educate clients about routines, age appropriate sleep schedules, ideal sleep environments, ideal nighttime feeding schedules (if applicable) and how behavioral goals can be attained in a comfortable manner within a reasonable timeframe. Once an individualized sleep plan is agreed upon clients will receive a copy of it in writing.

Within 5 days of our consultation families implement their sleep plan. Through texts, emails and comments on sleep logs, clients are able to have their questions answered along the way. Our ultimate goal is for families to feel supported as they carry out their plan.

At the end of our time working together healthy sleep habits will have been established making way for a lifetime of incredible sleep!

Sleep Answers Phone Consultation 

* For Newborns and Older

A 30-minute Video or Phone Call To Discuss All of Your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler Sleep Questions

2 Email Check-Ins Available to “Add-On” at Checkout (+$20)


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Phone Consultation with Daily Support 

* For Children 4 Months and Older

Review of Intake Paperwork

60-75 Minute Video or Phone Consultation

Individualized Written Sleep Plan

     1 Week of  Sleep Log Reviews, Text and Email Support

 Wrap-Up Call and Guide

A Call to be Used Within 3 Months of Working Together

Additional Support (+$70/Week) Available To Add at Checkout or at a Later Date


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Returning Customer Tune-Up Call

(For Customers Who Have Purchased A Full Consultation in the Past)

30-minute Phone Consultation

2 Follow-Up Emails


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