Sleep During Covid-19



It turns out that when there is a global pandemic getting your baby or child to sleep well can be challen ging. The lack of structure, the reduced amount of exercise and movement, the potential for FOMO during nap time, and the anxiety for all of us can really put a damper on what was a solid sleep routine.  We have a few suggestions to share that might help with your child’s sleep. Feel free to email us if you have questions or need more support.

Routine is everything for kids and babies right now. With no nannies, work schedules, daycare schedules, school schedules, or extracurricular activities things can go haywire pretty quickly. In order to keep things in order we recommend:

  • Setting both a wake-up time and an approximate bedtime.
    • Having mealtimes or nursing/bottle times at similar times each day.
    • Doing a few activities daily, especially activities that make your kids move their bodies! (tummy time, yoga, scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, bath time)
    • Remember to continue your bedtime and nap time routines or, if they aren’t established, create them now so that your child has a cue that it’s sleeping time!
  • Exercise can help all of us sleep well. 
    • We recommend that babies do tummy time and as much exploration around your house as possible. 
    • For toddlers and older kids create 2-3 times a day when you do activities that get them moving.
    • Being outside in the natural light in the later afternoon before dinner will help keep your child’s circadian clock on target.
  • FOMO is real for outgoing and extroverted children. Because of this we recommend that at all nap times the house becomes calmer. 
    • Use white noise to block out sibling/parent/animal noises that may be a little bit too exciting.
    • Institute an hour or two starting around 12:00-1:00pm that the whole house quiets down. 
    • Put toddlers in pjs at nap time and remember to do a simple nap time routine for your baby.  
    • Good naps will help keep nighttime sleep on track so do what you can to keep them consistent.  Plus, having a quiet time when you can work or just “relax” yourself during the day can help maintain your sanity.
  • Anxiety and Stress levels are so high right now. Even the calmest among us are on edge.  Remember that your kids can sense your anxiety. I am not here to tell anyone to stop being anxious, but do attempt to do something joyful together as a family. Some things we like to do at our houses are: dance parties, making and eating cookies, playing outside in the sun, taking an after-dinner walk with the family, doing some tickle attacks, making crafts, singing really loudly, cuddling and reading books, and building pillow forts.

We are sending you all love and health and kindness and good vibes during these unprecedented times.  Sleep well and reach out if you need us!