Safe Sleep Tips


I recently took a safe sleep course through The Family Sleep Institute and I thought it wise to pass along some of the information to you. Below are some tips of how to keep your child safe during sleep. In short, simple is better!

1. Always put your child down to sleep on their backs. Even if they roll immediately to their stomach it’s best to start them out on their backs until 12 months.

2. If your child does roll to their stomach, be sure they can roll back if they want to. Until they are able to roll both ways easily, flip them back to their backs if they roll. Tummy time and rolling practice during the day can help you get through that dreaded week or so when babies roll one way and not the other.

3. Avoid bed sharing. Instead keep your baby in a small bedside crib, a pack n’ play or a bassinet. It’s recommended to share a room with your baby for at least 6 months, although there are arguments to move them sooner, which I’m happy to discuss.

4. Do not use inclined sleepers, chairs, swings or car seats for sleep.

5. Do not use bumpers of any kind.

6. Put baby down on a harder mattress (soft can cause a suffocation risk) with a tight fitted sheet in a sleepsack that is the appropriate size for their weight. I do not recommend any sleepsack with a weight but prefer Halo SleepSacks instead.


7. Make sure there aren’t any chords near the crib that a child can grab or pull or wrap around their body.

8. Keep soft things like pillows and stuffed animals out of the child’s sleeping space until your child is 12 months old.

9. Avoid exposing your child to first, second and third hand smoke.

10. Consider offering a pacifier at sleeping times.