My Favorite Sleep Products


‘Tis the season of gift giving so I thought, why not write a blog about stuff to buy? When it comes to sleep products, I have become very loyal to a few items. Each of my customers gets a list of the following products to ensure that their child’s sleep environment is ideal for the best rest possible. A child’s sleep environment is a HUGE piece of getting them to sleep well. I highly recommend that you consider these items when creating, or recreating your child’s sleeping space. Honestly, even adding just one of these things can be a game changer.

    1. BLACKOUT That Room!

    My favorite both affordable and effective product to blackout your child’s room is Blackout EZ Window Covers.

    1. Use WHITE NOISE!

    Block out environmental noises that wake your child by using a white noise machine!

    The more affordable option, Homedics White Noise Machine.

    And the more expensive, but AMAZING option, the Lectrofan High Fidelity White Noise Machine.

    1. ORANGE and RED Lights!

    Only use orange or red lights in the bedroom during sleeping times.  Blue and white lights are sleep’s greatest enemies.

    I suggest using a this red nightlight for your child if they ever request one;

    For diaper changes, sick visits or story time, use a dimmable salt lamp.

    1. Keep that baby COZY!

    For babies and toddlers who love to be swaddled or like a blanket, I encourage you to purchase the Halo SleepSack swaddle or the big kid SleepSack. Free Tip: when your child is 2- 2.5 and starts trying to climb out of their bed, you can flip a Halo SleepSack around backwards and it keeps them from taking off the SleepSack and from lifting their leg over the side rail!

    For babies who are transitioning from a swaddle or Rock n’ Play, both the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit and the ZIppidee Zip have proven to make the transition much easier for some kiddos.

    5. Lovey!

      There should not be anything in your baby’s crib prior to their 1st birthday.  That does not mean a lovey cannot be introduced during stories, nursing, bottles, and play.  I encourage all of my clients to introduce a lovey as soon as possible.  They provide amazing comfort to most children.


      Happy Sleeping!